Saturday, October 22, 2011

CBN 50th Anniversary :)

Virginia symphony rehearsing in front of CBN Studio building :)

Friday evening, Rachel Orcutt and I went for a walk around campus. We came upon the Virginia Symphony practicing their instrumental songs for the following night. It was so nice and peaceful to sit down and relax as they played their lovely instruments. There was so much talent and creativity along the stage. The best part was that all of the seats around us were EMPTY so we got to have a personal FREE concert :P There we other people there, probably family members as well as those who were helping to prepare for the CBN Celebration that was to follow the next night! :)

 CBN Operation Blessing Bear :P

This bear was in the kids section but I could not help myself. He seemed so fun, therefore I had to take a picture with him!

HOT Air balloon! :)

The wind was to ferocious for anyone to ride in the hot airballoon that day. :( It was all good though because Juana, Stephen, and I still got to sit in the basket!! :)

Juana and Me - Stephen was ducking behind us :P

The CBN 50th Anniversary Celebration was amazing! I could put up a thousand pictures from the event! Things I did at the event:
-Got a "Tropical Smoothie" smoothie :)
-Ate Cotton Candy
-Raced Juana through a Jumpy Obstacle Course
-Listened to MercyMe live!
-Prayed with people
-Signed up for various raffles
   -Christian Cruise
   -NEW Dodge Charger
   -Trip to Israel/other prizes from CBN registration
-Got a face painting of my name on my right arm! :)
-Saw a bunch of card tricks (one trick included a bunch of lines being turned into my name on the card)
   -Also, saw a teenage boy juggle
Had a really great time serving Jesus All Day :)

Praise the Lord He provide in a MIGHTY abundance for those who are faithful to His calling! I pray that any wrong or disobedience I have done be wiped away so that I can start fresh each day and serve the Lord with a great discipline. I will strive to please the Lord in all areas of my life in Jesus Name! I pray each of you will focus on where God has you and the plans He intends to complete through you! You never know where God will take you and how BIG His plans are for you, until He reveals them! Stay obedient in the small things and God will show you the Larger Goals when He knows you are ready! :) Thank you Jesus! God Bless you all! Love you! :)


  1. Dear Sammi,
    I like your blog. Please continue to write on it :D I am considering Regent for another degree :D It may be online but I'm not sure. I currently attend school down south. well, have a great Lord's day tomorrow..


  2. Thank you so much! I just pray to do all things for the Glory of the Lord in Jesus Name! I pray God gives you the wisdom and discernment necessary to complete another degree. May God continue to bless you in Jesus Name!