Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hello Everyone,

I am SOO excited to be posting my first BLOG ever! Thank you Jesus for allowing me to serve you through this technological medium. I appreciate each person that is reading my post! Thank you for taking the time and interest to review my life! lol :) I pray this blog will be fulfilling and a rich blessing to each person who stumbles upon this site.

One excited story that I would like to share begins with my FIRST hall event (yesterday). I held a breakfast for the girls on my hall then immediately following we went shopping for Christmas Ball dresses. To be quite honest, none of the girls bought a dress for the ball but we had a blast shopping at Greenbrier Mall and Lynnhaven Mall. I am SO thankful for the girls that showed up as well as I truly missed the other girls who were unable to make it. I know God was using them exactly where they were. :) After leaving the malls yesterday we decided to go eat at Olive Garden (MY FAVORITE-MMMMMM). :) Most of the girls got the soup, salad, and breadstick option, however there was some variety among us. Personally, I ordered the Chicken and Gnocchi [sp] soup (even though I took out the "dumplings") lol. The food was SOOO delicious and we also got those YUMMY afterdinner Andes mints. YAY! Before we left each girl signed their name on a napkin with a sweet message for our waitress to find with her tip. :)

    Background Info: Me and Juana usually write "God Bless you, Thank you for your hospitality and service" (or something to that effect) on our receipts before leaving a restaurant but we forgot to yesterday. Therefore we ended up leaving a large napkin with everyone's signature. :)   

After we left Olive Garden we went shopping at Walmart. Eventually we got back to Regent and put away our "goodies." Soon after, Rachel Orcutt and I went for a walk around campus to explore the setup for the CBN 50th Celebration (that is happening RIGHT NOW). :) First, we went to the CSB CBN building (not the studio) so that I could pick up my volunteer shirt. Immediately following we walked around to the SHB CBN building (studio) and got to hear the Virginia Symphony practice their songs for today. It was GORGEOUS. The sun was down, pretty colored lights were shining, and instrumental music was serenading us as we sat among hundreds of empty seats. Eventually we went back to the Commons and parted ways.

Overall the DAY was a BLAST! I am SO thankful for the special quality time I got to spend with my girls! I love each and EVERY one of them! I am excited to see how the Lord will continue to open doors and opportunities to love and serve them. Thank you Jesus! I love you all! Stay encouraged! :) God BLess you! :)

MyRegent verse of the Day: "And "don't sin by letting anger control you." Don't let the sun go down while you are still angry ..." - Ephesians 4:26

Me :)

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