Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Ball Pictures from Founders :)

Here are some pictures that were taken with my phone. Juana, Stephen, Ryan, and I went to the Founders before Christmas Ball to take pictures! :) We also ate at the Swan Terrace which was Very Fancy Pants! I am so thankful that the four of us got to spend time together! I miss the four of us being as close! Jesus Thank you for fellowship and friendship! Thank you for providing different seasons of growth in our lives! Thank you for these marvelous pictures! and THANK YOU for allowing Ryan to come just for the weekend! I like him SOO much and an Very thankful for Your Mercy and Grace! Thank you for bringing us together! Thank you for true unconditional love! Thank you Father God, in Jesus Name I pray, Amen! :)

Juana and I infront of the Founders Inn Gingerbread House :)

Juana and I looking Cute :)

The Boy being Ninjas :)

More Ninja actions :P

Godly Hottie Studs :)

Studs in front of the tree ;)

Ryan and I with tree :)

Ryan and I ;) xoxoxo!

Together Forever Pwease Jesus :) xoxoxo!

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